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Коллеги, смотрите какая вещь!
Думаю, кому то может быть очень полезно.

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 From: Yakup Çetinkaya

  Hi colleagues,

 Today we're launching my side project, the *Environmental Justice Atlas
<http://ejatlas.org?gpmed>* we've been working on for more than a year with
EJOLT <http://ejolt.org>. It is an interactive online map, containing
hundreds of case studies on environmental conflicts from all around the

 I hope this platform will help campaigners investigate the cases similar
to their subjects and will be populated with further examples.

 You can also read the post on Guardian
and share the platform with people who you think will be interested.

 With solidarity!
С уважением,
Шауро Татьяна


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