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Кто-нибудь слышал-контактировал с этим движением?
Есть большая статья на англиском, конечно, с множеством фамилий - вышлю по
запросу тем, кто заинтересуется.

Свет Забелин

The 'Delai Sam' Marathon movement began in the spring of 2011, inspired by
the 10:10:10 International Day of Climate Action on 10th October 2010, in
which Russia took part. The focus of the day was a Global Work Party, when
thousands of groups around the world took action to reduce carbon emissions,
and promote clean energy in their local area. The activists that got
together in Moscow on the day were surprised and delighted to discover how
many of them there were, and decided to carry on the good work.
As a community, 'Delai Sam' works all year round exchanging information and
resources, and developing joint projects. As an event, it takes place over
one or two weeks twice a year, in summer and autumn. In Moscow, St
Petersburg and Chelyabinsk it has been going on now for several years; and
new cities are joining each time. Each city decides on its own focus, and
format depending on local problems, but there are already a number of
standard formats for them to draw on: a Do-It-Yourself Summit conference; a
Concerted Action Day, or, as happened the last time, a Non-action Day -  a
response to our era of consumption and meaningless activity; and an attempt
to lessen our negative impact on the environment.
Do-It-Yourself Summits
A Do-It-Yourself Summit is an informal gathering where the people attending,
create their own agenda, where, at any given moment, there will be several
sessions and events going on simultaneously, as different groups talk about
their own experience of organising and running grassroots initiatives,
focused on making their town or city more friendly to both people and the
environment. The idea behind it all is to inspire and galvanise people into
action, and give them the skills and tools they need, as well as
strengthening the movement by bringing different groups and activists

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я один из инициаторов наряду с другими активистами из разных сфер, могу
больше рассказать)
это не движение а скорее сообщество разных низовых инициатив - на
экологическую и не только тему, посыл которых - давайте сами, снизу менять
наши города, которые проводят 2 раза в год мобилизационные события - с
целью знакомства, обмена связями, контактами и тд (ДелайСаммиты и другие)
это сайт движения - http://delaisam.org/, о ключевом событии - Делайсаммите
- здесь -
Осенью мы готовим фестиваль активистского документального кино Делай фильм
- http://delaifilm.ru/
ссылки на предыдущие события - на этой странице http://tinyurl.com/delaisam4

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