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Коллеги из Норвегии просят поддержки. Отвечать нужно на адрес
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*From:* Jorunn Vallestad <mailto:jv  naturvernforbundet.no>
*Sent:* Wednesday, September 04, 2013 6:35 PM
*Subject:* Please sign on - letter to Norway to keep the oil in the soil

Dear friends,

Two years ago you helped us sign a letter to the Norwegian Prime
minister regarding Oil drilling off the coast of Lofoten, Vesterålen and
Senja, in the North of Norway. That time we won a temporary victory
before we got an opportunity to present the letter. The battle, however,
is not yet won.

September 9th there are parliamentary elections in Norway, and the
current government is likely to be replaced. This will again bring up
the issue of oil drilling in the pristine Arctic areas of Lofoten,
Vesterålen and Senja. We have therefore written the attached letter, to
be sent to the incoming government, and we want to get the broadest
possible sign-on from international organizations.

We thank you for your support last time, and hope you still stand with
us in this fight. Please read the attached letter and send a reply
within September 9^th if you agree to sign. We would also be very
grateful if you know other organizations that you think would consider
signing, that you can forward this message too.

If you agree to sign, please write the name of the organization and
director/coordinator in your reply.

Best wishes,

Jorunn Vallestad

Biodiversity advisor

Naturvernforbundet - Friends or the Earth Norway

Telephone: +47 975 67 934

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Subject: [seu_discuss] Fwd: Please sign on - letter to Norway to keep the 
oil in the soil

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