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Towards our Gulf of Finland People's Forum and People's Academy

13 November 2011


Following dissolution of the Soviet Union there came some years during
which civil society activists and NGOs began to sense what their
membership of the Gulf of Finland Community could be like. Freedom of
Speech means that who is determining what, for who and why will be
questioned. Without freedom to ask these questions, social security is

Nordstream helps keep Germany up as Germans struggles with their
nuclear dilemma . . and race to build more coal-fired stations. Who is
driving the propaganda that says all this is a necessary part of
sustainable development? Is asking such questions becoming . . once
again . . a punishable offence decreed by those with most interest in

Our immediately post-Soviet years of working to promote
cross-sectoral, trilateral cooperation led us to increasing general
awareness that the 'survival-of-the-species' paradigm, that we are all
supposed to be seeking, is dependent upon our ability to identify
with, and live with respect for, the limits set by our eco-geographic

Our Gulf of Finland studies led us to recognising that the
eco-geographic sub-region forms the core of the paradigm we are
searching. And, we began to see more clearly that sustainable
development can only be ensured by making sure that the import-export
balances of our eco-geographic regions (e.g. Baltic, Mekong, Zambesi
etc.) are primarily determined by, and held by law under the control
of, the fully-representational and democratic sub-regional Assemblies.

Much trade, including trade in pollution quotas, confronts,
contradicts and blocks - is even offensively designed to block - the
eco-geographic approach to sustainable development. We are forced to
say . . 'Hei! Like it or not boys . . if intra-regional trade and
increasing our reliance on regionally-produced organic produce does
not become our immediate priority in the immediate future sustainable
development will become a forgotten myth (on an increasingly
irreversibly disturbed planet etc.)'.

My last formal address about the Gulf of Finland was to an
international NGO conference at the Russian Geographic Society, St.
Petersburg, in April 2004, organised by the Public Centre for
Environmental Information (CEI). The title of my presentation to the
Plenary was . . 'On development of Integrated Coastal Management for
ecologically sustainable development of the Gulf of Finland Community,
with reference to the role, standing and education of coastal
community workers.' The full list of papers from that CEI conference,
most of it from young people, is at

Surrounded by so much information and political chaos, young people
are tending to want to navigate their own course. What is most
important is that young people are not prevented or blocked - by
envious, defensive, hedonistic, authoritarian professionals posing as
realists - from searching their way to the forms of community
organisation that appeal to their innate, ecological, common sense.

Defined by the watercourses that flow into the Gulf, and by the
estuarine ecosystem itself, any new effort to clarify what sustainable
development means for the Gulf of Finland sub-region must prioritise
researching and facilitating the manner in which (coastal) residents
do and do not and cannot connect with their eco-geographic community.

A relatively new initiative calling itself 'Pixelversity' has
requested SULA to run a brainstorming workshop for seasoned, community
net-workers . . about the potentials, issues and problems facing the
Gulf of Finland Community. If enough people are interested and enough
resources available, that is what we will do, and see what we can come
up with!

Pixelversity says it stands for the principle of open source
information . . to defend our commons. Well that in itself is sound

We welcome 'Andrew Paterson of Pixelversity', his determination and
his crew, and believe that the capacities of this loose collective
will be able to make a valuable contribution. You can find something
about Andrew's approach at . .

With Best Wishes,

Richard Thompson Coon

Attached is the April 2004 paper I presented to the CEI Conference at
Russian Geographic Society . . nearly 8 years ago. Has the development
of the Gulf of Finland sub-region shown any net movement to
sustainability since then? Surely there are plenty of experts who will
produce data, aggressively even, to prove that it has, but don't be
shaken. For the sake of our kids . . do not stop asking.

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