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Wed Apr 13 14:19:41 MSD 2016

Friday, 22 July 2016 at 5 p.m. CET.

Official side events and exhibits are a platform for admitted observer
organizations, which have limited speaking opportunities in the formal
negotiations, to engage with Parties and other participants for =
sharing, capacity building, networking and exploring actionable options =
meeting the climate challenge.

UN agencies, admitted observer organizations and those Parties that =
with observers present their work or foster discussions on key issues,
often engaging the audience in a Q&A session. Side events are 90 minutes =

As introduced at SB 44, the official side events at COP 22/CMP 12 will =
organized under the common theme =E2=80=9CAccelerating implementation of =
the Paris
Agreement=E2=80=9D and will be categorized under the three categories:

1. Enhancing ambition:

pre-2020 action; any issues that help increase ambition.

2. Promoting implementation:

methodologies, showcasing of climate action, global stocktake, etc.

3. Providing support to developing countries:

means of implementation, replicable tools and approaches.

Venue and location

All official side events and exhibits will take place within the =
conference venue (=E2=80=9CBlue zone=E2=80=9D).

Access to side events and exhibit area

All speakers and participants who wish to take part in a side event or
visit an exhibit must be in possession of a conference badge for COP =
12, i.e. duly registered as representative of a Party or observer
organization. Additional registration to attend a side event is not
necessary. Please find further information on registering for the
conference as an observer organization here.

Further information will be posted as it becomes available.

Application period for side events and exhibits at the UN Climate Change =
November 2016 (COP 22/CMP 12) will be open through the Side Events and =
Exhibits Online
Registration System (SEORS):

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