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Victory! Our campaign to save an uncontacted tribe triumphsYour money, energy and enthusiasm gives hope for the Kawahiva's future.  
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                        Brazil's Minister of Justice has signed the decree which officially recognizes the boundaries of the Kawahiva's territory!

                        This is an incredible victory, and it wouldn't have happened without you.

                        Thousands of you sent emails to to the Minister of Justice urging him to take action for the uncontacted tribe. And, crucially, your donations enabled us to back this up with months of focused campaigning.

                        Now, thanks to the global movement for tribal peoples' rights – thousands of supporters in Brazil and around the world – the biggest hurdle to protecting the Kawahiva's land has been overcome.

                        Thank you for giving the Kawahiva a chance to determine their own future. Indigenous territories are the greatest barrier to Amazon deforestation, so a victory for the Kawahiva is a victory for all humanity.

                        What next? Our fight for the Kawahiva's survival is not over: Over the coming months and years we'll need to keep up the pressure to ensure Brazil prevents invaders from entering the tribe's newly-recognized territory.

                        Thank you for standing with us.   


                        Every time I see those big fingers I feel happy.
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