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                THANK WORLD LEADERS NOW   
                  Last year, we started something big. 

                  Last year, we stood up and marched to demand real action on climate change.

                  We clicked. We signed. We shouted from the rooftops. And then we made history in December when world leaders reached the Paris Agreement to stop the climate crisis. Now, it’s time to keep the momentum from Paris going in all 195 nations around the world. Today on Earth Day, world leaders have come together to begin to formalize the Paris Agreement and publicly commit to cutting emissions and expanding renewable energy back at home. And today, we hope you’ll join us in saying “Thank you.”

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                  Since the Paris Agreement was announced four months ago, we’ve seen incredible progress as countries step up their efforts to cut emissions and increase work on climate solutions in a host of sectors, highlighting just how important the agreement is to the future of our planet. Now it’s up to us to support the leaders who are putting aside their differences for the health of the planet and committed to creating a sustainable, clean energy future for all of us. 

                  So today, take a moment to thank our leaders and pledge your support for bold action to stop climate change. Because thanks to the Paris Agreement, the future we want is finally in view. And if we’re brave and if we’re dedicated, we’ll get there together. 

                  Thank you for all that you do,

                  - Your friends at Climate Reality
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