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The last Paraguayan uncontacted tribe, summary executions in the name of conservation, and moreAll the latest news from the global movement for tribal peoples' rights.  
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                        Good news!
                        Thanks to all those of you who took action for Paraguay's last uncontacted tribe last month. We've just heard that senior Paraguayan ministers met recently to discuss how to protect the Ayoreo's land from further destruction. By growing the strength of the global movement for tribal peoples' rights, we can ensure that the remaining uncontacted Ayoreo don't suffer the fate of Guireja (above), forced out of her forest as it was destroyed around her. If you haven't yet emailed Paraguay's president, please help keep the pressure up →  
                              The science for war
                              A growing number of U.S. academics are pretending to use "science" to prove that tribal peoples are more violent than us. It's nonsense, and deeply threatening to tribal peoples. Our director Stephen Corry pens a spirited response that takes aim at the hokey data behind it all.  
                        As Disney's new Jungle Book film hits cinemas, we must not forget that the tribal peoples living in the forests that inspired Kipling's book face illegal eviction from their forest homes.  
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                        Survival breaks the news that the tiger reserve visited this week by Prince William and Katherine is the focus of extrajudicial killings in the name of tiger conservation.  
                              Humanitarian crisis
                              Tribes across South America are being devastated by an "epidemic" of mercury poisoning, likely caused by illegal gold-mining. News that 80% of Peru's Nahua tribe tested positive for mercury was swiftly followed by the discovery that Brazilian tribes are also affected. We are working to put pressure on both governments to act, including presenting evidence to the UN.   
                        Good luck!
                        ...to all our London Marathon runners for the event next Sunday. Thank you for going the extra mile for tribal peoples' rights. 

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                        or come along and help cheer them over the finish line. 
                        Every time I see those big fingers I feel happy.
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