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                        The Panama papers is the biggest leak in history -- implicating 12 heads of state! Our community has a unique ability to meet this litany of stealing with the biggest campaign ever to end tax havens. In weeks Britain is convening a global Anti Corruption Summit. Let's make sure it finally ends this rotten system. Click to join: 

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                  Dear friends,

                  The Panama papers is the biggest leak in history -- 11 million confidential documents of deceit, fraud, and theft implicating 12 heads of state! 

                  But this damning litany of high level corruption could pass as just a massive scandal, unless we seize this chance to get tax havens shut down for good. 

                  In weeks Britain is convening an international anti- corruption summit. How the public reacts now will determine if it ends in toothless reforms, or it stops the rich secretly stashing their cash, and forces them to pay their taxes like the rest of us. 

                  Our global community has a unique ability to ensure every leader at the summit hears our call. Click to create a campaign that matches the enormity of this leak and end this rotten system of elite looting:  


                  The Panama documents prove lax tax haven rules help the rich to get richer by dodging taxes, while anonymity allows dictators and organised crime hide their transactions from governments and the public eye. One of the companies in this leak supplied Assad with fuel to bomb and kill civilians! 

                  But the shock in this disclosure isn’t that. It’s that 140 politicians are involved! This plundering could be by the same officials who have argued that public funds are running out and only if we all tighten our belts can we sustain our schools, hospitals, and basic services. AGGHHH!!!!! 

                  This amazing leak could finally provide momentum for real change -- yesterday Iceland’s Prime Minister was forced to​ ​step aside after massive protests, and Prime Minister Cameron and other leaders have condemned the theft and impunity. But seven years ago the G20 committed to end tax haven abuse, and yet here we are again. 

                  We have an opportunity with the upcoming UK summit. This is the moment to get prosecutions for those guilty of tax evasion, and bold action to stop it. Journalists across 80 countries unpacked this information for the public -- let’s meet their work with massive public action before this crucial conference. Join now:  


                  This is a no brainer that will improve the public good, and all that is missing is political will. Let’s harness the global outrage and channel it so leaders everywhere know there is zero public tolerance for this criminality and we demand an urgent crack down on this epidemic of injustice and abuse. Our community was made for this -- let’s do it!

                  With hope and determination, 

                  Alice, Rewan, Alex, Oli, Marigona, Melanie and the entire Avaaz team

                  More information: 

                  The Panama Papers (ICIJ)

                  The Panama Paper Leaks Are a Chance to Fix a Broken Financial System (New Republic)

                  Five things Britain could do now to clean up tax havens (The Guardian) http://www.theguardian.com/news/2016/apr/05/panama-papers-five-things-britain-could-do-now-to-clean-up-tax-havens?CMP=fb_gu 

                  Panama Papers: Leaks spur global investigations (BBC) 

                  Panama Law Firm’s Leaked Files Detail Offshore Accounts Tied to World Leaders (NY Times)


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