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Baltic Rim Economies 


The Pan-European Institute publishes a discussion forum, Baltic Rim Economies (BRE), which deals with the development of the Baltic Sea Region. In the BRE review, high-level public and corporate decision makers, representatives of Academia as well as several other experts contribute to the discussion. 


Read the latest issue: BRE 3/2015

Expert articles:

  a.. Maroš Šefčovič: From energy islands to an Energy Union – the case of the Baltic region
  b.. Andrej Plenković: EU-Ukraine relations – parliamentary co-operation perspective
  c.. Yana Toom: EU-Russia relations – a view from Estonia
  d.. Dorothee Janetzke-Wenzel: The Arctic Policy of the Federal Republic of Germany
  e.. Andrii Olefirov: Affinity in historical ties and destinies is driving pragmatic co-operation between Ukraine and Finland
  f.. Jarmo Viinanen: Towards an ever closer partnership – enhanced security policy cooperation between Finland and Sweden
  g.. Kimmo Kääriäinen: The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland and its international cooperation in the Baltic Sea region
  h.. Elisabeth Braw: Russian activities in Europe – the real and phantom kind
  i.. Sergey Kulik: Ukrainian crisis – economic challenges for EU and Russia
  j.. Christopher J. Weafer: Sanctions and weak oil add urgency to already overdue Russia reforms
  k.. Konstantin Khudoley: Russia and European Union – what can be expected in the future?
  l.. Jussi Kurunmäki: The Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference and the Ukraine crisis
  m.. Andrei V. Belyi: Russia-Baltic energy relations
  n.. Natalia Zaslavskaya: The EU and Russia – searching to overcome the crisis
  o.. Eoin Micheál McNamara: The Baltic States and EU-Russia relations – questions of security after the Ukraine crisis
  p.. Kirsi Ahlman: Making the most of the Baltic Sea Region by promoting co-operation
  q.. Yuliy A. Nisnevich: Corruption in Russia – the heritage of the Communist regime
  r.. Ari Aaltonen: Dim outlook for the Russian economy
  s.. Nadezda Volovik: U.S.-Russia trade development after the onset of a sanctions era
  t.. Veera Laine: Minority marginalization as an internal threat
  u.. Robert Person: Ukraine 2015 – the challenges of governing from the center
  v.. Nicolai N. Petro: The heart of the conflict in Ukraine
  w.. Ihor O. Lishchynskyy: Monotowns in Baltic Rim countries and Ukraine
  x.. Ilan Alon & Tom Lairson: Will China form a new Anti-Western alliance with Russia?
  y.. Jouko Rautava: Russia and China – different players playing different games
  z.. Björn Hasselgren: Successful co-operation in the Baltic Sea Region has to be based on institutional underpinnings
  aa.. Vatanyar Yagya & Sergey Kustov: Turku and St. Petersburg – interregional co-operation as a basis of international relations
  ab.. Jaana Mäkikalli: World Trade Centers enhancing the global economies
  ac.. Andrzej Rzońca & Leszek Balcerowicz: There are no reasons to fear deflation in Poland
  ad.. Jerzy Kaźmierczyk: Human capital development in Polish banks
  ae.. Vladimir Olenchenko: Baltic States – the stages of investment activity
  af.. Raivo Vare: Estonian perspective – Russian transit
  ag.. Timo Seppälä: Gross domestic product and exports versus domestic value added – Ericsson Eesti As in the Estonian economy
  ah.. Alexander Pakhomov: Russian outward investments – lost chance or а new stage
  ai.. Daniel Göler: A country on the move – migration and demographic crisis in Latvia
  aj.. Nikita Mkrtchyan: Main directions of internal migration flows in Russia
  ak.. Tomasz Michalski: Demographic situation in the southern and south-western part of Baltic Europe
  al.. Hannu Niemi: The Donelaitis Society and its role in building bridges between Finland and Lithuania
  am.. Vasilii Martynov & Irina Sazonova: Åland Islands from a Russian perspective
  an.. Vladimir Kuzin: Kaliningrad region development and corruption perception
  ao.. Alexander Barinov: The exclave of Kaliningrad and the problem of its economic development
  ap.. Elena Zimovina: Population of the Kaliningrad region – development stages and characteristics of the ethnic structure
  aq.. Elena Romanova: Recent development of economic well-being of rural areas of the Kaliningrad region
  ar.. Alexander Sebentsov & Maria Zotova: Kaliningrad region on the EU borderland – from the “unsinkable aerocarrier” to the “laboratory of collaboration”
  as.. Tatyana Kuznetsova: The “Baltic Region” research journal
  at.. Dejan Romih: How to increase the value of Slovenia’s exports of goods and services to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania?
  au.. Maija Sirola: The times they are a-changing – Baltic Sea research and funding in support of sustainability action
  av.. Marianne Lehtimäki & Tiina Mertanen: To make BSR maritime cultural heritage count
  aw.. Kaapo M. Seppälä: Augmented reality ahoy! There is more than cleantech innovations coming up for the Baltic Sea seafaring!
  ax.. Jaana Kerttula: Protection Fund for the Archipelago Sea – funding practical work towards achieving a healthier sea
  ay.. Xénia Szanyi-Gyenes & György Mudri: Regulation of food taxes in the light of market disturbances
  az.. Delaney Michael Skerrett: Integration and inclusion and the continued promotion of the Estonian language
  ba.. Artiom Zheltov: The “Inevitable future” scenario-building methodology
  bb.. Anssi Klemetti: Germany’s economic presence in the Baltic Sea region
If you wish to contribute to the future reviews, please contact Mr. Kari Liuhto at kari.liuhto(a)utu.fi /+358 2 333 9575. To view all the previously published expert articles we invite you to visit www.utu.fi/pei. If you no longer wish to receive information about the Baltic Rim Economies, please reply to this email.





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