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Dear colleagues,
European Environment Agency (EEA) just published an interesting overview
of on-line platforms on climate change adaptation (CCA) in Europe. It could be interesting to read  before planing your national on-line platform on CCA and while National Adaptation Strategy/Plan development or support. 

My summary:
Web-based adaptation platforms are mainly the means of assisting decision-makers in the different steps of the adaptation policy cycle (primarily linked to the preparation, implementation and evaluation of adaptation strategies and plans). Of the 14 national adaptation platforms in place in EEA member countries, 7 are directly linked to the launch or implementation of the National Adaptation Strategy or National Adaptation Plan! Two transnational platforms (the Alpine region and the Pyrenees) are complemented by Climate-ADAPT, which  also hosts a section on the Baltic Sea region provide support on it.

Note, that effective collaboration between those providing climate service, adaptation platforms and DRR platforms is likely to result in several benefits.
These are particularly important when addressing climatological extremes, reducing vulnerability and enhancing resilience. Efforts have been made
to enhancing such types of collaboration, at both national and European levels; they have originated from within the climate adaptation, DRR and climate
service communities.

Download the full report here

Feel free to forward this information to your CCA networks


Best regards,
Natalia Gozak, 

Senior Project Officer, WWF Danube-Carpathian Program
Kyiv, Ukraine

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