*[Enwl-eng] [cenn] European Union and Georgia celebrate Europe Day in Misaktsieli

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Mon May 11 01:41:18 MSD 2015

ENPARD small farmers’ cooperatives and EU funded projects will be presented 
during events

The Delegation of the European Union to Georgia requests the pleasure of 
your company to attend the celebration of Europe Day in Misaktieli, Mtkheta 
Municipality, at the premises of the Rural Community Development Agency 
(RCDA) eco-village premises on Saturday, 9 May 2015 at 14:00.

The Delegation of the European Union to Georgia, the Mtskheta-Tianeti 
Governor, Nugzar Kipiani,  Dusheti Municipality Gamgebeli, Vazha Chokheli, 
and high officials of the Georgian government as well as leaders of 
international organizations will attend the Europe Day celebration ceremony.

The event will include a national folk music concert and a farmer’s market 
featuring the products of ENPARD`s cooperatives. The visitors will also have 
an opportunity to get familiar with many other EU funded projects that are 
being implemented in the region.

During the event, the director of RCDA and the host of the day, Rostom 
Gamisonia, will introduce the demonstration of the innovative energy 
efficient machinery specially designed for the farmers and that is the part 
of the EU funded project. The solar energy water and heating system, solar 
driers and ovens, solar water distillation and other innovative technologies 
will be presented during the house tour of the RCDA.

Europe Day in Misaktsieli is organized by ENPARD partner organizations OXFAM 
Great Britain and the Rural Community Development Agency.

The European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development 
in Georgia (ENPARD Georgia) is a €52 million EU-funded programme. Signed in 
December 2012, ENPARD aims at boosting the production of food in Georgia and 
reducing rural poverty. In addition to the grants component, ENPARD also 
provides direct budget support to the Government of Georgia for the 
implementation of the agriculture sector strategy and brings expertise and 
know-how to the Ministry of Agriculture.

For more information:

Delegation of the European Union to Georgia: Giuseppe Vasques, 
Communications Manager <mailto:giuseppe.vasques at eeas.europa.eu> 
giuseppe.vasques at eeas.europa.eu

Action Global Communications: Mrs Maia Chitaia, Country Manager 
<mailto:maia.chitaia at actionprgroup.com> maia.chitaia at actionprgroup.com; 599 

T +995 32 275 19 03/04
F +995 32 275 19 05
 <mailto:info at cenn.org> info at cenn.org
 <http://www.cenn.org/> www.cenn.org

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